Every wall is a door R. W. Emerson
Inhibition is a nail in the head Alan Fletcher
Wherever you go, there you are Unknown
Every wall is a door R. W. Emerson

Don Quijote

Art Direction
Art Direction

Don Quixote is very hard to read: it’s quite long, boring, outdated and it’s written in old Spanish.

The intention of this magazine is to modernize Cervantes’ classic and make it attractive to younger publics, placing it out of context using photography and typographic variations.

Editorial concept

Art direction and editorial concept are based on the mental distortion and inconsistency of the main character.

He maximizes or minimizes everything and everyone according to his interests. Seeing life in black and white, just believing nothing but his own delirious truth.

To surrender dreams, this may be madness.

Sancho Panza

Magazine format

To foster its reading and comprehension, the complete novel would be divided into 12 magazine issues; this is number 1.

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